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Eleri - Leave Me Behind | 23rd of May 2015

I first met Eleri when we collaborated for her music video “found”. It has now reached 1,500 views, but we learned a lot on that shoot that we really brought forward into the video for “Leave me Behind”.

This track is not my favourite (Sorry Eleri!) but it did have a certain charm to it that it brought the video to mind. In my head I imagined Eleri as a sultry rock chick teasing and fighting with her gentleman friend, all the while going through that torment of finally deciding a relationship is over. And she pulled it off to a T. I also wanted a project that I could get my teeth into editing wise. I have wanted to play around with slow motion and mirroring for some time, and the song spoke to me in a “You can edit this experimentally” kind of way.

Eleri was totally down for it, but finding her gentleman friend proved a little more challenging. I'm currently collaborating with Joey Wylde, and he suggested a few very buff guys (There should not be that many muscles on one body!) but the one who wrote back the most enthusiastically was Warren. I had my reservations about Warren because he has a very likable face, and as the song is about breaking up, I wanted our leading man to look a little bit more like an a++hole- someone we would want to break up with! When I told Warren this, he smiled, then pulled his mean face- he was perfect!

Eleri and I met up the day before the shoot to set up. Hanging with Eleri and making videos with her is always fun, and while I was setting up the studio, she was prancing about in her various different costumes and shoes she had- and making me tea and giving me chocolate (score!). We decided on the bed, because we wanted to add that little raunchy edge to it. Also, I have seen so many music videos with the guys sat on the end of the bed, with ladies fawning over him. I said- enough! We're role reversing! Get this girl a man to fawn over her! And I must say, I think the shots were awesome. Warren is a very good fawner.

The morning of the shoot came and we were good to go. We started with Eleri on her own, then when Warren arrived at about lunch time we worked with him. Filming and directing at the same time definitely have pros and cons. On one hand, I can look through the camera and get exactly the shot I want. On the other hand, it is a lot more work. Eleri and Warren got on very well, and were really professional, but sometimes in my head I got a little confused because they were chatting and the shot wasn't working- precisely because I was doing two jobs at once. Throughout the course of the shoot though, I felt myself getting better at it, and I think by the end, I had it down perfectly.

Paul Moulton of Manx.net popped by to say hello during the shoot, and interviewed Eleri, which looked great- and will be great promotion for her during the next few weeks when the article comes out. Thanks Paul!

By the time I said “That's a wrap” I was rather tired! I popped home and did a little editing but then was back for the wrap party with Simon of http://www.skatandahstudios.com/ - he produced, recorded, and sang on the song, so be sure to check him out!

Then, it was down to editing. As I said before, I experimented a lot, but the black and white theme came about because all the shots, colouring wise, looked so different- due to lighting/sets etc, they just weren't quite gelling. Some I had already put in black and white, so I tried it with all of them, and it just added that consistency that was missing before. However, I did want to pay an homage to the shoes- hence the red flash at the end! Another effect I have been wanting to try out, and I think it looked rather effective.

The aftermath and response to the video so far has been really positive. 738 views, 500 of which were in the first day- not bad!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Let me know what you thought, and enjoy the behind the scenes vid!