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Rhyiscal Pheck - Not everything is wrong | 31st of May 2015

When I received an email from Gypo asking if I wanted to do a video for his band's upcoming new LP “The vitamin D project” I was excited, but when I scrolled down and read “You will have full creative control” I got VERY excited.

Most of the videos I have done so far have been based around other peoples songs, ideas, concepts, it's been completely collaborational, which is awesome, but at the same time, I have felt a little restricted in what I can and cannot do, because I've needed to check most creative decisions with the artists involved. I had a lot of my own ideas, which, for the moment, were taking a back seat, until I felt confident enough in my skills to do them.

Rhysical Pheck (The band) have a very mellow kind of sound- it's easy listening, and, in the most positive way, you'd be hard pushed to hate it, even if you are an uber music nerd who's really into heavier stuff. It has Bowie like vocals, with hippy esque tones in the background, with an added touch of glitter on top! Basically, it's good for everyone, and being quite neutral meant it leant itself to essentially any of my ideas. I'd had an idea for a while of puppets running a puppet theatre- I listened to Rhysical Pheck's entire album, and the first track “Not everything is wrong”, (Recorded by the fabulous Ballagroove Studios) really struck a chord with this idea. The idea started forming and rolling before I'd even met with Gypo- he had a number of very excited Facebook messages over the course of our communication!

We met, I pitched the idea, he loved it. He told me to take full creative control, as he's very creative himself, and did not wish to clash. This is something I really respect- allowing me to take his musical baby and make something for it that wasn't from his mind was a brave thing to do.

I headed home, and the storyboards began a forming. Originally, I had thought to do the entire video in stop motion, but I felt my style is a little more rough around the edges, which is what adds to it's charm, hence ending up with some very bad puppetry in the final version. I added some stop motion in, but wanted to play more with after effects, so I decided upon the view finder idea to portray a life that most people aspire to- have a baby, and grow old together. A classic love story. (With waters breaking. I had to have a little bit of gore!)

Then, to actually make the puppets. This was the longest part of the process by far, as I holed myself up in my grandmother's sewing room for an entire week, sewing puppets (With little bone structures and everything!) making their little wigs, finding suitable furniture for them (I am particularly proud of the sofa, made out or a wee cardboard box, some fabric, and staples!) and creating all their tiny clothes. They were gorgeous in the end, but a LOT of work. I bloody well hope they end up in a museum. My grandad then helped me make a puppet theatre. I was SO EXCITED as having my own puppet theatre is a life long dream of mine. Making the curtains (With the expert help of my grandma!) and painting the whole thing green to double as a green screen was just so exciting. I hope to use it in future projects – basically, I want to do a little fairy tale series. Watch this space!

Once all that was done, it was down to filming. I did all the photos first, spending a lot of time in Photoshop, then I did the filming last. Having sunny weather was such a bonus, the lighting was perfect for the shoots, and my little puppets looked gorgeous in their new home.

The editing was a challenge. First of all, my computer just does not have enough RAM to successfully run after effects, and my premiere pro crashed 20 minutes into fixing the video. I had to wait for a friend's computer to use before I could actually finish It. It was most annoying.

Then, the moment of truth. I sat Gypo down in a cafe, and played him the video. The relief when a smile spread over his face was immense. He loved it, and my baby was perfect for his baby- a match made in heaven! Thanks Gypo! I hope you guys enjoy it.

-- OrigiMedia